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Friday, November 1

8:30am PDT

123, Pattern and Place Value Connections Spa, Tahquitz 124, Algebraic Reasoning with Negatives in the Primary Grades Spa, Cahuilla East 171, (Re)Creating an Environment of Mathematical Discovery Renaissance, Santa Rosa 115, Activities to Help Students Interact with Math Content PSCC, Smoke Tree A 130, GAMES AND ACTIVITIES THAT BRIDGE TO COMMON CORE PSCC, Mesquite F 131, Fear Not the fraction Renaissance, Pueblo A 132, Area - no problem? PSCC, Smoke Tree B 140, Launch into CCSS - Implement SMP's in your classroom daily Hilton, Palm Canyon 133, Keep Calm and Engage by Talking and Writing About Math Renaissance, Andreas 112, Relationship Thinking: The Basis for Algebraic success PSCC, Primrose B 141, Compass Vs Computer Hilton, Plaza D 149, CCSSM-7 Proportional Relationships: Modeling Mathematics Renaissance, Chino B 150, Launching the Transformation: CC statistics 6-8 PSCC, Mesquite E 151, Reaching Common Ground in Middle School Renaissance, Cactus 152, Don’t Call Me After Midnight PSCC, Mesquite D 165, BEYOND SLOPES AND POINTS Hilton, Plaza A 154, BYOD: What’s in Their Pockets PSCC, Mesquite G 155, DIGITALLY INTERACTIVE ALGEBRA READINESS TESTING PSCC, Primrose C 166, Exponents in wonderland Hilton, Plaza C 159, Be Engaging And Inspiring With Common Core PSCC, Mesquite B 160, IMPROVING ALGEBRA UNDERSTANDING VIA INTERACTIVE ANIMATION PSCC, Mesquite H 161, High School Math: Why, What, Who, How Renaissance, Chino A 181, Start a Math Research Program in Your High School! Spa, Canyon CC 189, Statistics for Common Core: From Randomness to Inference PSCC, Smoke Tree C 101, Ensuring the CCSSM Matters Ten years from Now PSCC, Primrose A 121, The Core in Common Core in K-2 Hilton, Plaza B 122, STEM Lessons: Targeting Argumentation Through Common Core Spa, Palm Room 108, Common Core Circles: Selecting a task PSCC, Mesquite C 109, Common Core 101 Renaissance, Sierra 120, Building Written Representation through Counting Collections Spa, Cahuilla West 111, Using number talks to support number sense in k-2 classrooms Renaissance, Pueblo B V199, Meeting the Common Core Expectations: Lessons From Singapore PSCC, Mesquite A 162, Transform instruction through ipad geometric constructions Renaissance, San Jacinto 163, Launching the CC Transformation: Understanding Functions Renaissance, Ventura 164, Inspire Your Students with TI-nspire CAS iPad App Renaissance, Pasadena 167, Reaching At Risk Students in Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 Renaissance, Madera 180, A Parabola for Everyone Hilton, Tapestry 110, Animating Teachers’ Vision of the CCSS Practices PSCC, Smoke Tree F 113, Three dozen games with Three Dozen dice Renaissance, Mojave Lrng Ctr 156, Pirate Geometry PSCC, Primrose D 157, Creating a Schoolwide Culture of Math: starting with adults! PSCC, Smoke Tree D 158, Use Color Effectively with Creative Technologies PSCC, Smoke Tree E

10:30am PDT

253, 'Data Detectives': navigating CCSS Statistics 6-8 standards Renaissance, San Jacinto 221, Problem Solving: classroom practices inspired by CGI Spa, Cahuilla West 282, New Pathways for Students Needing Four Years of Mathematics Spa, Canyon CC 285, IMPROVING CALCULUS UNDERSTANDING VIA INTERACTIVE ANIMATIONS PSCC, Mesquite H 230, Fractions on a Number Line Renaissance, Pueblo A 231, COMPARING FRACTIONS - A LOOK AT CHILDREN'S STRATEGIES Renaissance, Pueblo B 240, The Core in common core for grades 3-5 Hilton, Plaza B 232, Very Small But Very Important Numbers PSCC, Smoke Tree A 241, This is One! Hilton, Plaza A 233, Modeling Problem Solving to Involve All Students PSCC, Smoke Tree D 234, Oh The Places they'll go, when we know what they know... Renaissance, Andreas 235, Providing Students with Tools to Launch into Problem Solving Renaissance, Chino B 242, Real-World Problem-Based Learning Using Perplexing Tasks Hilton, Palm Canyon 236, Common Core Progressions: Building Algebraic Structure Renaissance, Cactus 250, Integers on the number Line: A common Core Approach PSCC, Primrose C 251, Making sense of school mathematics via transformations PSCC, Mesquite B 252, Strategies for Transitioning to The Common Core PSCC, Primrose B 254, Algebra Intervention & Common Core: What’s the intersection Renaissance, Sierra 260, Launching the Transformation: CC algebra 1 statistics PSCC, Mesquite E 261, Common Core for Continuation High School Students Renaissance, Chino A 263, Assess, Evaluate, Form Groups, Differentiate=A Winning Cycle PSCC, Smoke Tree E 264, Problems to Motivate Students &Necessitate Alg/Geom Concepts Renaissance, Santa Rosa 265, Mathematical Modeling with social conscious Renaissance, Ventura 281, Bowling for rational expressions Hilton, Plaza C 270, Factor in 5 min- A Cross-cultural Methods Promotes CCSS PSCC, Primrose D 272, TECHY TOOLS AND APPS PSCC, Smoke Tree F 289, Launching into Inference: From Common Core to AP Statistics PSCC, Smoke Tree C 266, The mathematics of angry birds Hilton, Plaza D 201, using common core assessment to enhance student learning PSCC, Primrose A 211, Learning to Count to 100 with Place Value Sense Spa, Palm Room 212, Introduction to CGI: It's just not the Glossary Spa, Cahuilla East 205, English Learners and Common Core? – It can be done! PSCC, Mesquite G 206, iPads: Connecting to Common Core PSCC, Mesquite F 204, Online PD Resources for Modeling and Using Tools PSCC, Mesquite C 255, How to Get Students Ready for Common Core w/ TI MathForward Spa, Tahquitz 262, Inspire Your Students with TI-nspire CAS iPad App PSCC, Smoke Tree B 280, A Parabola for Everyone Hilton, Tapestry 207, Preparing Teachers to Use the Mathematical Practices PSCC, Mesquite D 222, Power Play - games for Teaching Place Value Renaissance, Mojave Lrng Ctr V299, Web Based Math Differentiation Built for the Common Core PSCC, Mesquite A

1:15pm PDT

1:30pm PDT

317, What Comes Before Standard Algorithms? Spa, Canyon CC 325, Using equal sharing problems to develop fraction concepts PSCC, Smoke Tree A 330, Preparing for Launch: Understanding the CCSSM 3-5 Renaissance, Mojave Lrng Ctr 332, Fraction computation: Building on Previous understandings Renaissance, Sierra 333, Using The Standards for Mathematical Practice Renaissance, Chino B 335, making finding mean not so mean Renaissance, Cactus 337, Transformational geometry Hilton, Plaza A 340, Proportional reasoning - how number matters Spa, Cahuilla East 345, Problem Solving with Core Content PSCC, Mesquite D 346, What WOuld Polya DO?: Great problems for young minds PSCC, Mesquite B 350, NASA Smart skies: Math and technology in air traffic control PSCC, Smoke Tree B 351, Reparations: A Cultural Context for Math Instruction PSCC, Primrose C 355, Telling Stories, Teaching Math Renaissance, San Jacinto 358, Whiteboarding: Structuring Collaboration Through CCSS Lens Hilton, Palm Canyon 362, What’s the Problem with the Answer? Renaissance, Chino A 364, Conditional Probability and Independence in the Common Core PSCC, Smoke Tree C 365, an Experience of the Mathematical Modeling Strand PSCC, Smoke Tree E 370, The Rules of the game Hilton, Plaza C 372, Expressions, Equations, and Functions in the CCSSM Renaissance, Santa Rosa 374, Rigorous task, what are they and how to we create them PSCC, Mesquite E 359, GeoGebra: Bringing the Common Core and Math Class to Life PSCC, Smoke Tree F 363, THE Interactive Math Classroom: iPads and My Favorite Apps PSCC, Smoke Tree D 301, Building on children's mathematical thinking: PSCC, Primrose D 302, Change and the CCSSM PSCC, Primrose B 352, Keeping It Real: Teaching Math through Real-World Topics PSCC, Primrose A 314, Implementing the CCSSM: Experiences from our 1st Years K – 1 Spa, Palm Room 320, They Solved It! Now what!?! PSCC, Mesquite F 307, Abilities, Identities and Equity in the classroom Hilton, Plaza D 304, Attending to access and equity during the transition to the common core mathematics Hilton, Plaza B 305, Common Core Circles: Enacting a Task PSCC, Mesquite C 306, Transitioning to CCSS by Developing Student Led Discussions Hilton, Tapestry 311, Counting and Number Sense with Younger Children Renaissance, Pueblo B 312, Using Child's Natural Language to Develop operation concepts Renaissance, Pueblo A 313, Developing Place Value Understanding Through Problem Solving Spa, Tahquitz 315, MATH WORK STATIONS TO REINFORCE THE COMMON CORE STANDARDS Spa, Cahuilla West 331, let's explore the common core with math on the floor! Renaissance, Ventura 336, Building Perseverance & Conquering the Fear of Word Problems Renaissance, Andreas 354, Building Foundations: Multiplying and Dividing Fractions PSCC, Mesquite G 353, Performance Tasks Before Performance Tasks Were Cool PSCC, Mesquite H V399, Math Is Fun with Common Core and ConnectEd PSCC, Mesquite A

3:30pm PDT

445, Create a 'live' math classroom Renaissance, Madera 421, Common core in action! PSCC, Smoke Tree D 430, the multiple effects of cgi Spa, Cahuilla West 431, Launching the Transformation with Performance Tasks Hilton, Palm Canyon 433, my favorite 20 math olympiad problems - and 50 more PSCC, Mesquite B 450, How Many Fish Are In That Lake? CCSS Statistics and Sampling PSCC, Mesquite D 453, Implementing the CCSSM: Experiences from our 1st Year 6 – 8 Spa, Palm Room 456, Mathe'STAT'ics…Embed Statistics into your current math class Renaissance, Andreas 457, Ten Strategies for Making Questioning Central to Teaching PSCC, Mesquite H 458, Ratio & Proportion: from Models to Fluency Renaissance, San Jacinto 460, Strike a Pose: Modeling in Algebra Hilton, Tapestry 462, Embracing Transformational Geometry in CCSS-M Renaissance, Sierra 463, Launching the Transformation: Exponentials in CC Algebra 1 PSCC, Mesquite E 465, Launching the Transformation: CCSS Statistics in Geometry PSCC, Primrose D 466, Moneyball in the Classroom-Using Baseball to Teach Stats PSCC, Smoke Tree C 467, Manipulatives vs Technology-Bring your bias and an open mind PSCC, Smoke Tree E 471, MOBILIZE: mobilizing for innovative teaching & Learning Renaissance, Santa Rosa 473, Transformations-Modeling-Technology w Exponentials in CCSS PSCC, Mesquite G 475, Math and Musical Pitch Hilton, Plaza B 478, ADVANCED ALGEBRA MANIPULATIVES Spa, Canyon CC 403, What does transformations-based geometry in CCSs mean? Renaissance, Pueblo B 401, Mindset Revolution:Teaching Mathematics for a Growth Mindset PSCC, Primrose B 402, California's Common Core Mathematics Framework Renaissance, Pasadena 414, Making Thinking Visible in Mathematics Spa, Tahquitz 406, Standards for Mathematical Practice: Resources of MP1 & MP6 PSCC, Mesquite C 407, The Skeleton in the Closet: Rethinking Curriculum Maps PSCC, Primrose A 411, Expanding Math Talk With Our Youngest Students (Pre K) Renaissance, Pueblo A 412, Math Inquiry PSCC, Mesquite F 413, Let's explore the common core through math on the floor Renaissance, Ventura V499, Extensions CCSSCA: Only K-6 Program SIMR Approved by DOE PSCC, Mesquite A 405, Common Core Transition: Building a Plane While Flying It Hilton, Plaza C 439, flip your classroom - get started with minimal tech access PSCC, Smoke Tree F 451, Ratios and Proportional Relationships The Common Core Way Renaissance, Chino B 454, Making mathematical modeling Manageable Hilton, Plaza A 455, Transform instruction through ipad geometric constructions PSCC, Smoke Tree B 459, Flip Instruction to Transform Learning PSCC, Smoke Tree A 470, Geometry CCSS: Translations, Reflections, Rotations, Oh My! Renaissance, Chino A 415, Domino Math Games Renaissance, Mojave Lrng Ctr 408, Embedding authentic discussion through mathematical modeling Hilton, Plaza D 434, Piece it together with Fractions PSCC, Primrose C 436, Teacher Inquiry: What increases Student learning? Renaissance, Cactus 464, Implementing “Common” Tasks In A Traditional Classroom Spa, Cahuilla East
Saturday, November 2

8:30am PDT

530, Singin’ & Signin’: Steps & Applications thru Songs & Signs Renaissance, Ventura 535, Transforming Student Learning with Math Tasks Renaissance, Sierra 540, PREY vs PREDATOR ACTIVITIES Renaissance, Andreas 541, Making the connection from math to life Renaissance, Cactus 545, Build It, Write It, Talk it,Own It! Address Common Core, RTI PSCC, Primrose C 550, Preparing to Launch: Understanding the CCSM Grades 6-8 PSCC, Mesquite B 551, Building Student’s Confidence as Persevering Problem Solvers PSCC, Mesquite D 554, the core in common core for grades 6 to 9 Renaissance, San Jacinto 553, Technology and The flipped Classroom PSCC, Smoke Tree D 555, The power of visualization using pre-installed apps in TI-84 PSCC, Mesquite E 556, TEACHING mental toughness through opening activities Renaissance, Chino B 557, Practice makes Research Spa, Canyon CC 562, Transformations 101 Renaissance, Santa Rosa 563, Including Special Education Students In Algebra 1 and 2 Renaissance, Chino A 570, Get to the Common Core by Transforming Functions PSCC, Smoke Tree E 571, Parabolas and their properties with Geogebra PSCC, Smoke Tree F 589, The Common Core Statistics-Plus/minus 4% PSCC, Smoke Tree C 565, Neuroscience and the Role of Pattern Generalizing in Algebra PSCC, Mesquite G 506, Common Core + Ipad = Understanding PSCC, Smoke Tree B 567, Nonroutine problems & the common core math practices Renaissance, Madera 502, THE STANDARDS OF PRACTICE FOR YOUNG MATHEMATICIANS Renaissance, Catalina 501, Illustrative Mathematics: Transforming the Profession PSCC, Primrose B 514, DEVELOPING ADDITION FACT FLUENCY Renaissance, Pueblo A 515, Common Core Mathematical Practices and responsive teaching Spa, Cahuilla West 516, Juicy Tasks and Rich Discussions: Building math FoundationS PSCC, Smoke Tree A 512, new idea for teachers, students, parents, combination class Spa, Tahquitz 513, Successful Hands-on and Virtual Math Investigations Renaissance, Mojave Lrng Ctr 503, Math at Home: CMC’s Effort to Reach Out to Parents and Families in Support of the Common Core PSCC, Primrose A 508, CMP: Implementing the CCSS REasoning Practices PSCC, Mesquite C 511, cgi & classroom discourse: developing mathematical practices Spa, Cahuilla East V599, Common Core Transition Using Your Current Core Math Program PSCC, Mesquite A 505, What We Can Learn From Teacher Leaders PSCC, Mesquite F 536, Building Perseverance & Conquering the Fear of Word Problems Hilton, Tapestry 539, Ratios and Proportional Relationships The Common Core Way Hilton, Palm Canyon 559, Making mathematical modeling Manageable Renaissance, Pasadena 558, Making Connections: Writing in Mathematics Spa, Palm Room 520, Launching Math Practices through the NCTM Process Standards Renaissance, Pueblo B 552, Polygon Potpourri PSCC, Primrose D

10:30am PDT

653, Bridging Projects, Problems and the common core Hilton, Tapestry 630, Developing Understanding of fractions with the Common Core` PSCC, Mesquite B 631, MATH WORK STATIONS TO REINFORCE THE COMMON CORE STANDARDS Spa, Tahquitz 633, Encouraging Student Discourse through rich Proportional tasks Renaissance, Cactus 634, MATH games that encourage Common Core Mathematical Practices Renaissance, Chino B 636, Into the Core: Access & Success for ALL PSCC, Mesquite D 638, Representing algebraic situations: words, tiles & symbols PSCC, Primrose C 641, Movement and Games for Pre-Algebra and Algebra Classroom Renaissance, Andreas 642, Seven high interest real life math investigations Renaissance, Sierra 650, Ideas for tier 3 intervention: What did I get myself into? PSCC, Smoke Tree D 651, Using TI-Nspires & Navigator for formative assessment PSCC, Mesquite E 655, Transition to the CCSSM with MDTP Written Response Materials Spa, Palm Room 659, DIFFERENTIATED RESPONSE TO LEARNING COMMON CORE MATHEMATICS Renaissance, San Jacinto 662, The right answer is not enough! Spa, Cahuilla East 660, SIDEWALK PATTERNS IN PRAGUE: EXPLORING A COMMON CORE TASK Renaissance, Santa Rosa 661, Not Just Monty Hall: Fun and Intriguing Math Questions Renaissance, Chino A 664, Instructional Choices for More Effective Math Classrooms PSCC, Mesquite G 665, Launching the Transformation: CCSS Statistics in Algebra II PSCC, Smoke Tree C 670, Developing a Lesson for High School Math based on CCSS Spa, Cahuilla West 675, Recognizing Quadratic Models in Multiple Representations PSCC, Primrose D 676, Get to the Common Core by Transforming Geometry PSCC, Smoke Tree E 605, Problem-Solving Metaphors: Listening for Student Experiences Spa, Canyon CC 677, calculus topics with geogebra PSCC, Smoke Tree F 612, Demystify CCSS Math Assessment, Grades 3-5 PSCC, Smoke Tree A 602, MODELS OF INTERVENTION: REWEAVING THE TAPESTRY Renaissance, Catalina 601, News from the CA Framework Committee PSCC, Primrose A 614, What’s All This Talk About Math Talk? PSCC, Mesquite F 615, Designing Tasks That Promote Math Talk Renaissance, Ventura 616, Mathematical and model modeling in K-8 classroom Renaissance, Mojave Lrng Ctr 617, Listening to Students’ Voices = Algebraic Reasoning Success Renaissance, Pueblo A 606, Practicing the Standards for mathematical practice PSCC, Mesquite C 607, CLRN offers online resources aligned to common core PSCC, Smoke Tree B 611, Building Common Core Number sense in Kindergarten Renaissance, Pueblo B 637, Fostering the CCSS Mathematical Practices PSCC, Primrose B 652, Problem-Based Learning & the Common Core – What’s to Argue? PSCC, Mesquite H V699, Balancing the use of technology with human interaction PSCC, Mesquite A

1:15pm PDT

714, Mastering Mental math is core: number facts and beyond Renaissance, Pueblo A 715, Engage your students in a Common Core Mental Math Bowl Spa, Cahuilla East 720, Numerical Reasoning! Using Best Practices to Make Math Real! PSCC, Mesquite F 740, Fractions don't need to be frustrating! Spa, Tahquitz 743, Proof Doesn’t Begin with Geometry Renaissance, San Jacinto 745, revisiting fractions with manipulatives to solve problems Renaissance, Cactus 747, Unpacking Geometry Problems from Boxes You Make PSCC, Primrose C 749, Highlighting Mathematical Practices in Everyday Tasks PSCC, Mesquite B 752, power the transformation with proportional reasoning Renaissance, Andreas 754, Hot dogs, pizza, soda cans and mathematical modeling PSCC, Primrose D 756, Let’s Explore Geometry through the Lens of Common Core PSCC, Smoke Tree E 760, Turn Algebra Exercises into Common Core Practice Tasks Renaissance, Santa Rosa 763, Two-Way Tables: A Challenging New 8th Grade Stats Standard Renaissance, Chino B 764, Culturally responsive Teaching and the Common Core Renaissance, Chino A 770, GeoGebra as a Tool to Solve and Model Mathematical Problems PSCC, Smoke Tree F 772, Mutitasking through the common Core Spa, Canyon CC 787, Parametric curves with geogebra Renaissance, Catalina 789, AP Statistics exam walk through PSCC, Smoke Tree C 767, Nonroutine problems & the common core math practices PSCC, Mesquite G 701, Increasing Equity Awareness and Transforming Practice PSCC, Primrose B 757, Keeping It Real: Teaching Math through Real-World Topics PSCC, Primrose A 713, Math Stories: From Theory to Practice Renaissance, Pueblo B 708, Inspire & Inform: Getting teachers onboard for Common Core Spa, Palm Room 707, 'I feel so included for once'. parent engagement in action Spa, Cahuilla West 711, developing a classroom for numerical fluency PSCC, Smoke Tree D 712, The Tool You Need to Develop Students’ Number Sense Renaissance, Mojave Lrng Ctr 705, Online PD Resources for seeing structure and generalizing PSCC, Mesquite C 742, let's explore the common core with math on the floor! Renaissance, Ventura 748, flip your classroom - get started with minimal tech access PSCC, Smoke Tree B 750, Building Foundations: Multiplying and Dividing Fractions PSCC, Mesquite D 751, Performance Tasks Before Performance Tasks Were Cool Hilton, Palm Canyon 758, Making Connections: Writing in Mathematics Hilton, Tapestry 766, Reaching At Risk Students in Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 PSCC, Smoke Tree A 671, Geometry CCSS: Translations, Reflections, Rotations, Oh My! Hilton, Palm Canyon 753, 'Data Detectives': navigating CCSS Statistics 6-8 standards PSCC, Mesquite E 755, Amp Up! Academic Language in Common Core – What’s to Argue? PSCC, Mesquite H V799, Bridging the Knowing-Doing Gap with Online Simulations PSCC, Mesquite A

3:15pm PDT

820, Let Your English Learners Help You Launch the CCSS-M! Renaissance, Chino A 821, Good Problems, questioning, assessment Renaissance, Catalina 830, THE 'I DIDN'T DO ANY MATH QUILT Renaissance, Mojave Lrng Ctr 832, Pattern Blocks? No thanks, I’m not into quilting Renaissance, Chino B 835, Research Based Strategies for the Mathematical Practices PSCC, Mesquite B 837, Teaching For Understanding: Division of Fractions Renaissance, Cactus 838, Dynamic Project-Based Math: Investigations with GeoGebra Renaissance, Andreas 850, Fantasy baseball: a common core stats & probability project Renaissance, Sierra 852, Using Games to Foster Math Reasoning, Discourse & Motivation PSCC, Mesquite D 855, Data and slope and intercepts, Oh My! PSCC, Smoke Tree C 859, Geometry, numeracy, & common core: a vigorous hands-on task PSCC, Primrose D 864, What does CCSS look like in your classroom? Renaissance, Santa Rosa 865, Make Use of Structure with Non-CCSS Textbooks Renaissance, Pueblo B 870, Preparing for Launch: Understanding the CCSSM High School Renaissance, Pueblo A 872, Developing Common Core Math Habits Through Peer Interactions Spa, Tahquitz 860, Using Mapping Diagrams to Understand (Linear) Functions PSCC, Mesquite E 868, Using Grapher for 3D coordinate systems and graphing PSCC, Smoke Tree B 875, Complex Number Arithmetic with GEOGEBRA PSCC, Smoke Tree F 862, Computer Algebra Systems: CAS Helps Students Learn PSCC, Smoke Tree D 803, Face Off with Math and CC: Digital Learning Unleashed PSCC, Primrose A 801, Video Games & Making Math More Like Things Students Like PSCC, Primrose B 812, Preparing for Launch: Understanding the CCSSM K – 2 PSCC, Mesquite F 813, USING tASKS TO explore early number concepts PSCC, Smoke Tree A 805, The future is now: The 21st century classroom Renaissance, San Jacinto 806, Transforming You: Learning Math by walking...Step by step PSCC, Mesquite G 811, Rigor+Mathematical Practices= a successful transformation! PSCC, Primrose C 815, Let's explore the common core through math on the floor Renaissance, Ventura V899, TesselManiac! Tessellation Software PSCC, Mesquite A 854, Flip Instruction to Transform Learning PSCC, Mesquite H 858, Launching the CC Transformation: Understanding Functions PSCC, Smoke Tree E 834, Build Number Sense with CCSS Structured Tasks and Estimation PSCC, Mesquite C